Saturday, October 18, 2008

Use up Leftover Chicken: Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza

Here's our pretty close, maybe even better knock off of Papa John's creation...Josh couldn't think of anything to improve it, and that's saying a lot.

1. Make your favorite pizza dough
2. Brush with Olive Oil (keeps toppings from making crust mushy)
3. Use a jar of Alfredo for the Sauce
4. Top with leftover choped up chicken, bacon in small pieces, onion, cheese, salt and pepper, sprinkle a little dried herbs on too.
5. Bake at 475 till it looks done, depends on your crust recipe. 10-15 min.

Yay! Delicious and we'll pretend nutritious (if you follow the general rule that it's aways better to make it at home from scratch then to buy it processed...)

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